This page provides supplemental material for the research project: "Structure and Empathy in Visual Data Storytelling: Evaluating their Influence on Attitude".

Additional Material, Documentation, and Results

The additonal material (pdf) includes:
  1. Qualtrics Questionnaire
  2. Filtering
  3. Results: Demographics
  4. Results: Human Values
  5. Results: Immigration Attitudes by Items
  6. Numeric Results: Immigration Attitudes
  7. Exploratory Results
  8. Terminology for Visual Data Storytelling

Experimental Conditions

Click on the images to launch the experimental conditions. Alternatively, download the repository and launch a local server pointing to the conditions folder.

Baseline Condition: Flow Map

Storytelling Condition: Empathy

Storytelling Condition: Structure

Data Handling

Pyhton and R Scripts

Raw Data

Processed Data